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WEDNESDAY, April 26TH, 2017


Short Term (Wednesday - Thursday) 

After days of rain, our sky is finally clearing up! Expect us to peak in low 80s on this fine Wednesday afternoon with no other weather concerns to worry about. However, by Thursday, we do have a shortwave moving through the region that could spark a string of summer-like thunderstorms across the region during afternoon hours. It'll be slightly cooler as result of the cold front passage, with temps reaching mid 70s. 


Mid Term (Friday - Saturday) 

By Friday, southeast ridge will finally build up over our region and push away a trough that tried to move through us. Temperature will rise into low to mid 80s with mostly sunny conditions returning. There's a small chance of "popcorn" thunderstorms developing over Blue Ridge mountains, but it's on low side of 20% chance for now. With the ridge continuing to strengthen into Saturday, temperature should rise once again into upper 80s with few observations of 90 possible. To the date, this day should be our hottest day of the year. Sunshine should be strong with some clouds forming during afternoon hours. Once again, "popcorn" thunderstorms could pop up over Blue Ridge mountains and move into our region. The chance of this happening is slightly higher at 20-40%, but we'll have to see what conditions are like on that day to be more precise.


Long Term (Saturday - Monday) 

By Sunday, our southeast ridge will get pushed to east by an incoming trough, but not enough to cool us down much. Expect Sunday to have temps in low 80s with partly sunny and afternoon thunderstorms possible. By this time, there's a mid-latitude cyclone moving across the upper Midwest that could trigger a cold front passage for late Sunday or Monday that could bring us a round of showers/storms during this period. We'll have to wait few days to monitor the situation before we can offer more precise information with higher degree of confidence.


Have a wonderful week!


Kyle Noel

Foothills Weather Network