About us!


Foothills Weather Network is dedicated to making Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba, Cleveland, Lincoln, McDowell, and Rutherford counties, North Carolina a safe place to live, work and play by providing weather products that are:

  • *up to the minute
  • *reliable
  • *educational and
  • *easy to use

Our forecasters use the latest weather technology and take advantage of the best training available to offer you a daily forecasts and informing you of severe weather. We also document important weather events and prepare you through ongoing education and outreach to deal with hazardous weather when it occurs.


     Foothills Weather Network has formed a vital partnership with local government bodies, sports organizations and event organizers.  One example is our partnership with McDowell County Emergency Management.  In times of a significant weather event one of our staff members is placed with the McDowell County Communications Department, in the mobile command unit, or directly with the Emergency Manager.  We provide up to the minute forecasting for any emergency scene to keep emergency personnel and the general public safe.  Our forecasters are certified in FEMA Incident Management Training. 


     Burke Weather provides educational services to all schools in the eight county forecast area.  We have Power Point Presentations set up for early elementary age, 5th grade, and 7th grade students.  Students in the 5th and 7th Grades have a curriculum set for weather that is set at the state level.  We cover that curriculum in our presentations, its a real hands-on learning experience for the children we visit.

   Students enjoy our educational products, we have received positive feedback on them.  We feel that our outreach program have resulted in improved test scores at the fifth and seventh grade levels by a significant margin. We love going out and talking to the children in the many communities across the area.  We also make regular visits to civic clubs, assisted learning centers and other interested parties who like to learn about Meteorology.  To set up a visit just fill out the contact us form found here.


foothills weather network STAFF

  Chief Meteorologist Christopher White

Chief Meteorologist Christopher White

     Chief Meteorologist Christopher White is a Certified Fire Weather Meteorologist, Advanced Storm Spotter for the National Weather Service. Chris started Burke Weather in 2009 following a lightning strike that he and team took while fighting a wildfire in Buffalo Cove, Caldwell County.  Chris has and continues to be active in anyway he can to give back to the communities.   Obviously his strong suit is analyzing parameters in fire weather but has a passion for long range forecasting as well.  One of the fun things about long range forecasting is watching the many oscillations around the globe and predicting what they are going to next.  Chris is also continuing his education though in services and continuing education classes.  Weather is a fascinating field to work in.  Many people say it is the only job in the world where you can be wrong and keep your job.  It is actually the only job in the world that everyone bases their lives around.  If your forecast is off by a slim margin it can ruin many peoples day.  "That is not something that I have ever taken lightly and we strive to be the best forecast in Western North Carolina."  During high impact weather events turn to us, download our app, and stay one step ahead of the storm.  Chris is also a Consultant Meteorologist for WxBrad Incorporated.  When not forecasting weather Chris spends time with his daughter, Katie and loves to fish.  Chris also works in Emergency Services with Burke County.  He is growing lots of grey hair these days because of the company mascot, Ernie The Platypus and his shinanigans. 


  Meteorologist In Charge Scotty Powell

Meteorologist In Charge Scotty Powell


      Meteorologist In Charge Scotty Powell is a life long resident of Burke County.  Scotty has many hours of training in the meteorology field and holds Certified Basic and Advanced National Weather Service Storm Spotter. He is a graduate of Appalachian State University with a Bachelors Degree in Science Education.   Scotty loves the thrill of forecasting Severe Weather and Winter Weather.  Scotty is also a staff meteorologist for Charlotte Motor Speedway and McDowell County Emergency Management.  Scotty is also on the board of planning for The National Tornado Summit, that is held yearly in Oklahoma City, OK. You can also check him out on the weekly podcast Carolina Weather Group.


When Scotty is not following the weather he is an avid sports fan and is always up for an adventure.  


        Staff Forecaster Daniel Crawley, a native of McDowell County,  is a Certified Basic and Advanced National Weather Service Storm Spotter.   One of his strengths as a member of the weather team is synoptic weather pattern recognition that can be used in our daily forecast packages. He also assists in the creation of specialized weather graphics that you see on our website.

  Along with his love for weather, Daniel is an avid sports fan and is heavily involved in the McDowell sports community.


      Storm Spotter and staff photographer Stuart McDaniel resides in Upper Cleveland County.  McDaniel is an avid photographer and has over 100 hours of training in weather forecasting and storm tracking. Stuart displays his talent in weather photography, almost daily in the summer. He regularly contributes photos for our site/social media pages along with other traditional media outlets.  He is a Certified Basic and Advanced Storm Spotter for the National Weather Service.


                          FWN  INTERNShip program


Foothills Weather Network also has a group of interns who provide for our company while also gaining valuable experience.

Chase Graham is a native of Surry County North Carolina and a current student at UNC-Asheville, he has been a part of the FWN team since 2015.  Graham has a knack for contributing with synoptic forecasting, his talents can be seen twice per week on our forecast discussion page.

Sinead Lockhart, OBX local and a North Carolina State University Alumnus, has been a member of the FWN team since 2016 and can be seen on our pages on the weekends providing our company weather forecasts and writing in-depth, public friendly weather briefings. Lockhart also specializes in website graphics and content.