burke weather incorporated

A Non-Profit Partner of Foothills Weather Network


Burke Weather incorporated:

Our Non-Profit weather forecasting service that serves Emergency Management in McDowell County and also serves as our education company.  There is so much that people don't understand about weather, even though it effects them every day.  We instruct classes to the public, in schools, through fire colleges, and anywhere we can show someone about how weather works.  Our passion is weather! 

When weather hits we tie in with emergency management and assist them through the thick of the storm.  Forecasting, analyzing, and putting plain understandable information out for emergency management helps them facilitate a plan to protect you.  It's just one more way we keep you safe before, during, and after the storm!

Burke Weather Incorporated operates strictly off donations from you and money raised through fundraisers.  We appreciate any and all donations made and those donations go directly to educating students and costs incurred from emergency management operations.