A Warm Week Coming Up

Over the past of couple of weeks, the area saw below average temperatures due to movement of the polar vortex. Now that cold temperatures are no longer in our area, we are going to see well above average temperatures. There are a couple of days that parts of the viewing area could reach high temperatures in the low 70's. These well above average temperatures are due to a high pressure that is going to be building up over Gulf States. The high pressure system will be bringing in the warmer air that is located over the Gulf of Mexico.

Yes, it is going to be nice to get some warm temperatures after the below average temperatures we have seen the last couple of weeks. But, my concern is that any plants or crops that begin to blossom during this warm period, all the way into the middle part of February, will probably be damaged when have good freeze in March.

Enjoy the warmer temperatures that we are going to receive because the latter half of February is looking like once again below average temperatures. We need to remember that we are still in winter, so don't forget we can still receive below average temperatures.


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