April in review

Good afternoon, Foothills Weather Nation! What a beautiful day it is out there today with the sunshine and mild, seasonal temperatures hovering just below 70 degrees. Back on March 23rd we took a look at the long range forecast to see what to expect out of April, May, and June. As April is mostly over, let's see how that forecast panned-out.

First let's talk about what is average. Average temperatures for our counties

Alexander: High 69, Low 48 Burke: High 70, Low 44 Caldwell: High 70, Low 44

Catawba: High 70, Low 47

Cleveland: High 72, Low 44

Lincoln: High 72, Low 46

McDowell: High 72, Low 41

Rutherford: High 70, Low 46

Average rainfall for our counties

Alexander: 4.25 inches

Burke: 3.66 inches

Caldwell: 3.86 inches

Catawba: 3.7 inches

Cleveland:3.5 inches

Lincoln: 3.46 inches

McDowell: 4.25 inches

Rutherford: 3.7 inches

April 2019 average temperatures for our counties

Alexander: High 70, Low 46

Burke: High 71, Low 46

Caldwell: High 71, Low 46

Catawba: High 71, Low 49

Cleveland: High 73, Low 46

Lincoln: High 75, Low 50

McDowell: High 71, Low 50

Rutherford: High 73, Low 45

April 2019 total rainfall for our counties

Alexander: 4.66 inches

Burke: 6.6 inches

Caldwell: 4.61 inches

Catawba: 4.68 inches

Cleveland: 4.76 inches

Lincoln: 5.8 inches

McDowell: 6.58 inches

Rutherford: 4.15 inches

What was the long range forecast for April in March?

"Let's take a look at the long range forecasts for April. For all of the Eastern US we are seeing an 50% chance of above average temperatures where the average April temperatures are between 68 degrees and 75 degrees in North Carolina. Regarding April precipitation we have a 30% chance of above average rainfall totals. "

-Meteorologist Sinead Lockhart, March 23rd

Did our forecast verify?

On a county by county outlook we can see that we were 1-3 degrees above average for daily highs, 1-9 degrees above the average lows, and 1-3 inches over the average rainfall totals. I'd say we hit the nail on the head!

Thank you very much for reading! I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the day! Enjoy the good weather.


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