• Chief Meteorologist Chris

Chatter About A White Christmas....

Good Wednesday Evening everyone. Christmas is 13 days away now and it is getting to be that time when we watch for weather patterns that could lead to a white Christmas. It is every childs dream to wake up and run out to window and peer out to see a blanket of fresh fallen snow lying across the landscape.

The last time we had a white Christmas was December of 2010. I remember that day well! We woke up to cloudy skies but were forecasting a beautiful snowfall across the region from a low pressure that moves across the Southeastern United States. This low pressure system strengthened significantly and moved Northeast. You can read more about that storm here in this great write up by Laurence G. Lee and Patrick D. Moore from the National Weather Service Office in Greenville Spartanburg. Around 10am the atmosphere finally saturated and snow started to fall. It was heavy and anywhere from 6-9 inches of snow fell across our area.

As we lead up to Christmas day over the next 13 days we will be watching another loaded pattern that should have another storm system on the East Coast that vary week. It is too soon to know however what type precipitation, if any, it would mean for our area. There is a lot that goes into this. Does the cold air arrive ahead of the storm system? Does the storm system arrive ahead of the cold air? Will there even be a supply of cold air? Where exactly does the high pressure to our North set up, if there is one? What day does all of this actually affect our area, if it does? Way too many questions right now.

So right now we are all watching a pattern that could produce a possible storm system, that could produce anything from sun, a few clouds, rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow, or thunderstorms. The development, track, and position of a lot of weather features could dictate what exactly develops. Rest assured, we will keep you posted if anything starts to throw signs of developing from this pattern.


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