Moderating temperatures to start February

Good Thursday Evening, hard to believe the first month of 2019 is in the books. We ended it with a pair of chilly days across the region. A new month will begin tomorrow and so will a change in the weather pattern.

Cold high pressure is moving east into the Western Atlantic and starting on Friday the return flow will help usher milder weather into the Carolinas...temperatures are expected to reach or exceed the 50 degree mark under partly cloudy skies. Surface winds from the southwest will make the day feel more comfortable than we have experienced the past couple afternoons.

Looking at the upper levels of the atmosphere, the cold outbreak across the northern tier is exiting quicklot to the northeast and in its wake, a zonal low with Pacific origin will flood most of the US with milder conditions.

As you can see on this five-day average temp anomaly, above average temps will dominate most of the country with the warmest centered in the Southern Plains to Southeast.

However as you can see cold arctic origin air is still parked in Canada in the blue and purple hues, all you need is one good buckle of the jet and we are back dealing with bitter cold.

For those who wanted a break from winter this zonal pattern should hold together through the current 7-Day forecast. Here’s a look at the ensemble data for Hickory through mid-month.

For our winter weather fans...don’t fret this pattern change as we believe more changes will come after next week. February is well known for its variable temperature pattern and dynamic winter weather events.


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