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Nice Warm Up In Near Term. Long Term Has Our Eye Too Though. Winter Lovers Monitor This Forecast.

Good Thursday Night Foothills Weather Network Friends. Rain is starting to spread into the mountains tonight and those will spill over into the foothills by Friday Morning. Low temps tonight only around 40 degrees so not threat of icy precipitation this go around.

Showers will be around for your Friday but it will not be a total wash out. Plus, temps will likely reach the mid 50's.

Friday 4:00pm

Rain will become more widespread overnight Friday into Saturday. Saturday looks down right damp across the area. Rounds of rainfall, some briefly heavy in the afternoon will pass through all day. The heaviest rainfall looks to be from between 2:00pm and 6:00pm. From there rain will taper back to showers and a cold front will push though overnight into Sunday. So this cold front is interesting. Not much cold air with it at all, more or less a wind shift is all you will notice. On Sunday we will make a run at 70 degrees, if not the low 70's. If we reach 70 degrees it would be the first time since November 7th, 2018. A few showers will accompany those warm temperatures though as skies stay mostly cloudy. The showers will carry over into Monday but should taper back to just a few clouds by Monday Afternoon. From that point, Monday Afternoon we start a cooling trend that will lead us through the week. By Thursday temps will be well below normal again. That leads us into the next weather system.

If you look back at our Winter Outlook we hinted that winter could start out early and it did. After already having two icing events over the Western and Northern Foothills, one of which was significant one week ago, we will watch the next winter storm take shape.

The setup:

-Piece one is Low pressure that comes on shore in Southern California. Friday December 7th, 2018. Now that is key to this forecast. Before that piece of energy comes on shore along the West Coast we will not have adequate sampling of the storm to make a high confidence forecast. That being said you have likely seen a lot of social media posts showing snowfall. Those maps are over social media and I have to admit, they are fun to look at and dream.

-Piece two is a high pressure system that is modeled develop to the North of the area. It's exact position will be key to the cold air supply into the region....again, we just don't know that.

-Piece three will be a low pressure system that may develop along the Southeast Coastline. Where that develops is key for precipitation totals and if any aditional cold air will be supplied.

Long story short is there is a ton of uncertainty remains in a forecast out this far. Should the forecast continue to trend cold with precipitation for next weekend we will initiate high impact weather outlooks. Until then though we will continue to monitor and work on this in house. One thing is for sure. Temperatures will be on a roller coaster this week.

Chris White - Chief Meteorologist

Model Projected Temperatures out 10 Days (Shelby)

Model Projected Temperatures out 10 days (Hickory)

Model Projected Temperatures Out 10 Days (Morganton)


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