Remaining Weekend Weather

Good afternoon, Foothills Weather Nation! Our first round of showers and thunderstorms have come into the area as of a couple of hours ago, but what's left for tonight and tomorrow?

We will see a bit of a lull once this round of storms roll out of the area, radar from 6:50 pm shown below:

Per the storm tracks you can see them moving into and out of the area from the west-southwest with most of the lighting out of our forecasting area in general for now. We do expect a little break as we just mentionged, but this will pick back up before midnight as a weaker cold front moves through the region. We do expect a slight cool down from the passage of this front where Sunday's daily highs are to top out just at or below 80 degrees, which is a solid few degrees less than what we have seen for our daily highs as of late.

Tomorrow the threat for severe thunderstorms is slimmer, but there is still the likelihood for our showers to still have some thunder and lightning along with them. The difference between the threats for today/tonight and tomorrow is that today and tonight we have the possibility for hail and strong straight lined winds and tomorrow that is less likely. Tomorrow is still not looking good for the idea of doing too much outdoors in the event a thunderstorm does roll into your area.

Thank you very much for reading. We will be writing a full length weather discussion tomorrow that will be looking at the week ahead.

Until then!


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