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Snow Threat Low But Traffic May Still Not Go Tuesday Evening!

Good Monday Evening. We are closing in on our high impact weather day tomorrow. Here is the latest. Again, if you are wanting snow out of this event its going to leave you wishing and hoping for the next winter weather event. This one will be a tease, on the snowfall side. What needs to be taken seriously is the freeze that is going to occur once the moisture lifts away from the area. Any water on the roads after 4pm will likely become ice quickly. The main highways may be ok but the secondary roads could be a real real challenge. Its not because stuff will be falling from the sky, it will be what has already fallen from the sky.

HIWO Updated 11:00pm Monday Night

Here are our key messages:

Key Messages 11pm Monday Night

Here is what we know! Please note that this event will be a moisture starved system and there won't be a ton of precipitation anywhere, except in the mountains where 3-6 inches of snow is possible. Actually all our NW Mountain sections will see is likely 1-3 inches. A Winter Weather Advisory is well placed by the NWS.

Notice temperatures below. Across the bottom is the timeline and up the left side is the temperatures. The purple line across the graph is the 32° line. Notice a consensus between the models that temps drop below that line between 4 and 6pm. Our official forecast will take us below freezing just after 5:00om. Monitor this for adjustments.

Temperatures By Model vs Our Forecast (in red)

Here are the winter storm impacts for our NW Mountain Sections....

Here are our winter storm impacts for our I-40 and North Foothill Counties...

Here are our winter storm impacts for our Eastern and Southern Foothills.

Notice there isn't anywhere where we expect major impacts from winter weather but we do want you to monitor temperatures Tuesday Afternoon, especially after 4pm as we start to encroach on the 32° mark.

Here is our impacts and timeline!

A elevation dependent snow means the ridgetops of the south mountains may become coated while the lower elevations just see the snow mix with the rain Tuesday Afternoon.

We will be posting to the Facebook Private Group throughout the day as well ask updating in the forum for those that don't have Facebook.

Chris White

Chief Meteorologist


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