• Chief Meteorologist Chris

Temps Running 1-2 Degrees Below Forecast

Good Friday Evening. A messy night unfolding out there and lots of sleet and freezing rain reports are pouring in. Right now temps are 1-2 degrees below modeled temperatures leading to a quicker onset of ice. Right now the advisory will not expand any and remains until 8:00am for Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba, McDowell, and Rutherford. .10-.20 inch of ice still looks like a good forecast and I will not change the forecast accumulations from what Daniel had last night. Precipitation is expanding and becoming heavier as the upper low moves closer and moisture overuns the cold layer of air.

The precipitation map on the home page of the website will start to have old reports come off and new ones overlaid as we get them.

Roadways, bridges, overpasses, trees, and power lines will start to have ice build up on them making travel difficult. Here is 9:54pm radar.

Radar 9:55pm and live radar anytime on radar page


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