The Week Ahead: closing up January

Good evening, Foothills Weather Nation! I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend and are ready for the end of the month. Of course, we can't go too long without interesting weather, so let's get to it.

Near Term Forecast (Tonight-Monday)

A high pressure has graced us this past weekend and will continue to dominate the area tonight on through Monday where you can expect mostly clear conditions and light winds orienting from the west and shifting to the south on Monday as a wet cold front approaches for Tuesday. Expect a nightly low tonight around 30 degrees, daily high peaking just near 50 degrees, and the nightly low Monday night in the mid 30's as we see an increase in cloud coverage.

Short Term Forecast (Tuesday-Thursday)

Overnight into Tuesday morning is where things become interesting. There's quite a bit of discussion and discrepancy between different forecasters and models, but we all agree that a wet cold front will progress into the region. Should the forecast verify of mid 30's to start the off morning, we do not currently believe that there is a serious concern of wintry precipitation in the morning commute. That being said, there is quite a bit of concern for our evening commute as temperatures are anticipated to peak at around 1pm in the mid 40's and quickly begin to drop. Our current predictions is that we will see rain Tuesday morning through the early part of the afternoon where we are concerned about it switching over to snow. How much snow will of course depend greatly on the timing of when it switches over as the blast of Arctic air behind the front is quite dry. Once those temperatures drop whether or not we get the snow or not, hazardous road conditions are our major concern where whatever water is left behind will freeze to ice on our roads. As things are now, we expect for it to rain between 6 am and 5 pm where it might switch to snow for 1-2 hours.

By 9 pm Tuesday night we should have the majority of our clouds gone and a deep, flash freeze sweep across the region. Overnight temperatures on Tuesday night and Wednesday night are expected to be in the mid teens while the daily highs for Wednesday and Thursday won't get out of the 30's. As previously mentioned, this huge Arctic air mass presented as another high pressure will be particularly dry, so expect mostly clear conditions.

Long Term Forecast (Friday-Saturday)

As we go into our weekend next week we do see a week trough clip through the region, but this one leaves much to be desired in the way of sufficient moisture. Additionally, temperatures are expected to have a bit of a bump into the mid 40's for Friday and Saturday with overnight lows in the 30's. While we aren't expecting anything in the way of precipitation for Friday and Saturday we are expecting a little increase in cloud coverage to partly cloudy skies.

We will of course keep everyone updated with the happenings of Tuesday. Keep a look out for our


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