The Week Ahead: Cooler temps in sight!

Good evening, Foothills Weather Nation! We hope this post finds you well. As the title suggests, we are going to look into what to expect for your week ahead, which will have some cooler, more seasonal temperatures than what we have had as of late.

Let's get to it!

Near Term Forecast (Tonight-Tuesday)

A high pressure dominates and traverses the region during this time frame. As it's axis moves to the right of the Foothills, we are expecting to see a bit of upslope flow and therefore building cloudiness that will make Monday a partly/mostly cloudy day depending where you are in the forecasting area. Also due to the direction of our flow which would be west-northwest, we will see our daily high for Monday hovering around 50 degrees, There is a slight chance (20%) of overnight showers for Monday into Tuesday. Due to the cloud coverage, overnight lows will only drop to the low 40;s, which will allow for our then bright and sunny Tuesday to get into the upper 50s/low 60's. Tuesday will feature a more southwesterly flow with the exit of our ridge.

Short Term Forecast (Wednesday-Friday)

Tuesday is the last day of our forecast as we see it that has above average temperatures. Come Wednesday, a dry cold front associated with a Canadian low pressure will march swiftly across the Ohio River Valley, over the Apps, and bring those aforementioned much cooler temperatures. Daily highs from Wednesday through Friday will be in the mid 40's while the nightly lows will be in the upper 20's. All three days you can expect mostly clear skies, mild westerly into northerly winds, and very low humidity. We are happy to report that we do not expect any precipitation during this time period!

Long Term Forecast (Saturday-Sunday)

Going into our weekend is where we see quite a bit of forecast uncertainty. We do believe there will be a precipitation event as a robust shortwave trough will develop and deepen in the Plains before the bottom of the axis crosses over the Apps into South Carolina/Georgia. At this time the daily highs do not support the suggestions you might have heard of snow fall, but overnight lows are hinting at seeing a potential for 2-4 inches in the most robust recent Euro runs. The difference in the location of this axis as it progresses as well as the timing will influence the temperatures of this event greatly. There's plenty of opportunity for Saturday, Saturday into Sunday, and Sunday being strict rain events or a mixed event with a pop of snow.

We will keep everyone updated on what to expect as we continue on through the week.

Thanks for reading!


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