The Week Ahead: our final days of May

Good afternoon, Foothills Weather Nation! It's a scorcher out there so we hope you are keeping hydrated and cool on this Memorial Day weekend. Our upcoming week won't be any cooler than the week before, but we might see a smidgen of relief near the weekend.

Short Term Forecast (Monday-Thursday)

Minimal change in our forecast is expected during this time as the formidable ridge maintains it's hold over the Southeastern US. During this time period we see mainly sunny conditions with little bumps of cloud coverage for part of Tuesday and again on Thursday. Temperatures we are expecting to feel will be near the record breaking maximums. Through out this forecasting period expect diurnal highs in the low to mid 90's across the area with nightly lows in the upper 60's to low 70's only thanks to the lack of clouds to insulate the heat towards the surface. Humidity will be high in the evenings at around 70% with daily humidity closer to 30-40%.

Starting on Thursday we will see the bump in cloud coverage as a frontal passage from a long wave (wide) trough whose low pressure is centered in Canada will begin to approach the region. This approaching trough won't make much of an impact temperature wise until Saturday, so plan around keeping cool during the heat of the day for the work week.

Long Term Forecast (Friday- Sunday)

Friday is the start of when we can maybe see some rain for relief as precipitation probabilities are around 30% for now, but all models are in agreeance for several runs that Friday has promise. Saturday and Sunday, our first two days of June, will be a bit cooler and closer to the monthly average with temperatures in the upper 80's instead of mid 90's. Humidity is still a factor during these days so the chance of an isolated thunderstorm for next weekend isn't out of the question.

As a friendly reminder, please keep your pets and children in mind as we are well into dangerous temperatures outside. Keep them out of the sun and well hydrated. Children nor pets should never be left in cars- even with the windows down, for any length of time. Temperatures inside vehicles when the outside temperature and sunny conditions are at this intensity is deadly and hot enough to cook a steak to rare.

Thank you for reading! We hope everyone keeps cool and stays safe this week.


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