The Week Ahead: Seasonal Temperatures

Good evening, Foothills Weather Nation! We hope all of you have fared well so far in our weekend ice experience. There have been a variety of differing reports on the total ice accumulations across the forecasting area from .2 inches in Marion and .5 inches in Little Switzerland. Our concern in conditions has not completely passed as whatever has been able to melt today will refreeze over night, potentially causing for hazardous conditions for those with early morning commutes.

There are two large scale weather patterns that occur during our week, so our forecast will be written as such.

Short term forecast (Monday-Wednesday)

Tomorrow begins the clearing of weekend weather event where we see minimal probability of precipitation pardon the slight chances invoked by upslope flow with favorable moisture levels on Monday evening. Expect Monday to hover around 40 degrees for the daily high, mostly cloudy, and light northeasterly winds. Monday night will continue the trend of mostly cloudy conditions, but will begin to decrease in coverage as we move into Tuesday day as a high pressure moves into the area bringing nearly zonal (west to east) flow and much drier conditions. This is the perfect recipe for Tuesday and Wednesday to have cooler nightly temperatures without the aid of cloud coverage or moisture to slow the flux between day time and night time temps. Expect the daily highs for Tuesday and Wednesday in the upper 40's and low 50's respectively with the overnight lows in the upper 20's and low 30's respectively as well. Both days will be mostly sunny with fair winds from the west-northwest.

Long term forecast (Thursday-Sunday)

Thursday is when we begin to see upper atmospheric disturbances that will lead us into our next weekend weather event. Thursday day will mimic much of Wednesday with a daily high in the low 50's, west-northwesterly winds, but as the day continues on we can expect for cloud coverage to increase as a flux of moisture ebbs into the region due to a speedy low pressure advecting energy and water from the Gulf. Precipitation probabilities will jump up on Thursday night with the passage of this low pressure to around 50%, but as this orients with water and energy from the south it is completely safe to say this will be strictly a rain event. Friday will show a similar pop of drier conditions as it was earlier in our work week, but this will be short lived as a much larger and robust trough will descend from the Midwest and into our region. Friday day will be partly sunny, highs in the mid 50''s, winds from the northwest. As Friday night settles in our trough will dredge water and energy from the Gulf as the low pressure before it has done, but much more so this time. We expect a respectable amount of rain late Friday night on through Sunday day with overcast conditions, precipitation probabilities around 60%, daily temperatures in the mid 50's for Saturday and mid 40's for Sunday. Overnight lows Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are low 40's, mid 30's, and mid 20's respectively.

Following quickly and aggressively behind our trough has been a blast of dry, cold air as per the majority of global models. The exact timing of this event has been of interest as Sunday night is the lunar eclipse. We will keep everyone updated on what to expect as we progress through the week.

Thank you for reading! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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