The Week Ahead: Summer in a Nutshell

Good afternoon, Foothills Weather Nation! Happy Sunday! As promised yesterday, we will be taking a look at what to expect for our Week Ahead today. This week is the perfect blend of what summer is like out here in beautiful North Carolina with thunderstorms, rain, heat, but also some sunny days in there as well.

Let's get to it!

Short Term Forecast (Monday-Thursday)

The forecast for the bulk of the work week is the same- highs in the upper 80's lows just around 70 degrees, rain and thunderstorms most likely in the afternoons, and, of course, plenty of humidity, Now the "reason for the season" here comes from two major weather patterns. The first is an upper level short wave trough will propagate into the region Monday and exit on Tuesday. Following the exit we will still see plenty of south-westerly flow which brings in the bounty of heat, humidity, and energy needed to fuel our rain and diurnally driven thunderstorms for Wednesday and Thursday. At this time we do not expect any of these days to be particularly severe, but, as always, we are watching and waiting for any new developments.

Long Term Forecast (Friday-Sunday)

The general consensus for the weekend is that it will be drier and therefore more sunny as a ridge builds quickly over the region, but as this ridge builds there seems to be a discrepency between the European model and the GFS where the Euro has our ridge moving slightly east late Saturday, bringing a pop of rain, whereas the GFS is suggesting for a drier Saturday. Either way, if it does rain, the models don't show this being an all day event. Sunday's forecast only slightly depends on whether or not it does rain late Saturday, but overall expect partly cloudy skies, highs hovering around 90 degrees, and lows in the low 70's.

Thank you very much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend.


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