Tropical Update 8/25/2019

Good evening, Foothills Weather Nation! Happy Sunday! All of this cool air has been nice, hasn't it? Don't fret too much, summer-lovers, as it doesn't look to stick around for too long.

First, let's take a look at our tropical update.

Above is the most recent image issued by the NHC at 734 pm EST today showing the position of Tropical Storm Dorian and of Disturbance 1. As Disturbance 1 is technically closer to home, let's discuss this one first.

Disturbance 1 is about 300 miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras and is showing a higher likelihood of becoming a tropical or subtropical cyclone in the next 2-5 days, but it's current track is to the northwest and is in no immediate threat to make landfall with the US at this time. We will continue to monitor this system and provide updates as necessary.

Now onto Tropical Storm Dorian:

Above is the track released by the NHC at 8 pm EST today, and they should be releasing a new one at 11 pm, but we wanted to get this out to you sooner since tomorrow's a big day for some of us- more on that later.

As noted, Dorian's sustained winds have been clocked at 50 mph which does easily put him in the Tropical Storm threshold (between 35 and 74 mph.) Dorian does seem to be strengthening despite the dry air that has been seeping in from time to time, causing his progress to be slower than what it could be. It is believed that he will make it to hurricane status after making landfall with the Lesser Antilles just before or at the edge of Puerto Rico, or Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It should be noted that track forecasts occasionally allow for more confidence while intensity forecasts are fairly difficult to make. As such we will need to see how Dorian handles moving through the Antilles before we can determine if he dies out after landfall or he will have the means to rebuild and hit he US continental coastline.

As with Disturbance 1, we will keep an eye on these systems as they develop and move and provide updates as necessary.

For those of you who are kissing your summer break goodnight tonight, happy 2019-2020 school year! May you find success, camaraderie, and learn about yourself and the world you live in- this goes for the grown-ups, too!

We hope you have a wonderful week no matter your venture.


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