• Chief Meteorologist Chris

Weather Ready Action Day As Tropical Storm-Like Rain Pounds The Area.

Good morning. I hope you had a restful night listening to the pitter pat of rain on the roofs. There is a lot more of it to come. It is very important that you remain weather aware today for not only flooding but severe weather this afternoon.

Here are our High Impact Weather Graphics presented by Chick Fil A of Morganton.

Graphic one highlights our key points....

Graphic 2 is the Weather Predictions Center's Flood Potential Outlook. All of our coverage area is highlighted in the high risk category for flash flooding today. That means there is a 30-50% better chance today at seeing a flash flood than on a normal February day.

Graphic three is the Storm Predictions Center's thunderstorm risk category. This goes from general thunderstorm risk (0) to Extreme (5). Today our western foothills are in the low risk up against the slope of the Blue Ridge. Our Eastern Foothill Counties are in the medium risk. Finally our Southern Counties are in the High risk. Today's risks include mainly straight line damaging winds. Even without thunderstorms today our winds will gust 35 - 45mph so you can imagine what will happen if you mix in a little thunderstorm activity. Winds could exceed 60mph. All severe thunderstorm warnings today should be treated as though it were a tornado warning. There is the chance of seeing a couple of scattered tornadoes. Cleveland and Lincoln Counties stand the best chance but we cant completely rule out one anywhere. Just remain weather aware.

Graphics 4 - 11 are our timelines by county....

Graphic number 12 is our forecast rainfall for today. Its easy to see why we are expecting at least some localized flooding.

Our final graphic of the morning highlights travel impacts due to various weather conditions. Of course its not our normal February Winter Weather so no impacts there. The extreme impacts of the rain will come as the heaviest rain passes through the area this afternoon.

Be safe. Be courteous. Give yourself some extra travel time and have a great day. Remember, don't panic, prepare!



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