Weather Week Outlook

The following is the short-term outlook for our weather.

As we go into Monday, through Tuesday night, there is going to be some cold air damming taking place through the day on Monday. Precipitation amounts are going to be low during the day time. Temperatures will be 5-10 degrees above average Monday. As we head into the Monday night the precipitation amount is going to ramp up as the cold front and upper trough approaches the area. The area could pick up between a quarter to a half inch of precipitation Monday night. Low temperatures going into Tuesday morning in the area will be about 10 degrees above average. As we approach the day time hours of Tuesday the area is going to be receiving rain. The daytime totals could end up being up near three quarters to one inch of precipitation. The high temperature for Tuesday will be 5 to 10 degrees above normal. The rain is going to be tapering off in the evening time.

The following is the medium-term outlook for our weather.

As we progress into the morning hours of Wednesday the low temperature for the area will end up being between normal and 5 degrees above normal. Hgh pressure located over Mississippi and Alabama that is going to be bringing the area dry conditions and just above average temperatures. The high pressure will be centered over Georgia Wednesday night. As we progress into the overnight hours Wednesday, and into the morning time of Thursday, temperatures in the area could end up falling down to or near the freezing mark. As we progress through the day on Thursday the area will see dry conditions with temperatures being 5 to 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year. The high pressure will now be off the Carolina coast, which will be bringing in moisture from the Gulf. As we progress into the nighttime hours of Thursday, clouds will be coming back into the area followed by rain.

The following is the long-term outlook for our weather.

As we progress into morning hours of Friday, we will end up seeing a low temperature in the low 40's. Rain will be in the area throughout the day. The area could end up seeing precipitation totals anywhere from a half of an inch to an inch. The high temperature for Friday will end up being 5 to 10 degrees above normal. As we progress into Friday night the cold front, associated with the rain, will be pushing through the area. As we progress into Saturday morning, we will see normal low temperatures. As we progress through the day Saturday there will be dry conditions and normal high temperatures.


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