What are the Chances of a White Christmas?

With Christmas right around the corner lets talk about the chances of our seeing a White Christmas. We all know what a White Christmas looks like. All you have to do is turn on any Christmas Movie and you will be able to see example of a White Christmas. Me personally I have only experienced one White Christmas, and it was the Christmas Winter Storm of 2010. To be classified as a White Christmas requires that the snow depth of at least one inch will be observed on December 25. After doing some research I have discovered that our forecast has less 10% percent chance of seeing a White Christmas. It’s rare for us to see a White Christmas. The only locations in our state that have high enough chance of seeing a White Christmas will be the higher elevations of Appalachians. The reason why we have a hard time getting a White Christmas is the timing of cold air and moisture. That’s what makes the 2010 storm special for us. We had both the cold air and moisture. So if you want to have better chance of experiencing a White Christmas go to the higher elevations of our state. But heading up north and to midwest and rockies you have the best chances of seeing a White Christmas.


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