What remains of this weekend's weather

Good afternoon, Foothills Weather Nation! We hope everyone is staying safe with the bout of storms we had earlier today. We aren't completely in the clear yet, so let's take a look at what's left to come.

First, the GSP NWS issued this Hazardous Weather Outlook at 6:01 am this morning:

"This Hazardous Weather Outlook is for northeast Georgia, piedmont

North Carolina, western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina.

.DAY ONE...Today and tonight.

There is a chance for thunderstorms approaching severe limits this

afternoon with the primary threat being strong wind gusts. Isolated

flash flooding is also possible from the heaviest thunderstorms.

.DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Sunday through Friday.

Thunderstorms will continue into Sunday, with the greatest chance for

severe weather Sunday afternoon as vertical wind shear increases with

the advance of an upper-level storm system. Damaging winds are again

the main threat, but some hail is possible, and a brief, isolated

tornado can not be ruled-out.

River flooding will also become a concern for flood prone rivers,

in response to extended periods of moderate to heavy rain."

Also straight from the GSP NWS we have the latest Severe Weather Outlook graphic for tomorrow.

As you can see, the Foothills has been downgraded from Slight to Marginal risk for severe weather for tomorrow as the Slight has been shifted to the southeast.

So what is the timing and general expectation weather wise with the Hazardous Weather Outlook and Marginal risk in mind?

As you can see from the radar above, we are temporarily in the clear for another hour or so where our southern counties like Rutherford and Cleveland will be the first to feel the next wave of rain and lightning.

Right after 10 pm tonight our chances for thunderstorms and heavier rain will take a little dip, but we are still likely for rain all the way through to 7-9 am Monday morning. This does mean we should be keeping an eye out for the rest of the weekend on areas we know are starting to flood and commonly flood. Standing water can be tricky in determining it's depth and water moving fast enough only needs an inch or two on the road to sweep a vehicle off the road, so "Turn around! Don't drown!"

From noon until 6 pm tomorrow we will see the bulk of the risk for severe weather tomorrow where there is hints of gusts around 20-25 mph, potentially higher for the High Country as we all know. Main threats at this time is localized flooding, lightning, thunder, and gusty winds. What we can not rule out is the possibility of something "popping up" like hail or the potential tornado watch or warning since it is still spring and Mother Nature is always full of surprises in the beautiful Foothills of NC.

After 6 pm tomorrow we will see the quite gradual decrease in rain and weather active potential across the region.

Check back in with us tomorrow for a look at what to expect for your Week Ahead!

Have a great rest of your evening!


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