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White Christmas Not Likely This Year. 2018 Wettest Year On Record In Many Foothill Locations

As we draw ever closer to Christmas Day, we draw closer to that ever so important question of will there be snow on Christmas Day? The short answer is not this year. Right now is looks like fair weather with highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's. Over the amount of precipitation we have had this calendar year, I'll take that.

Here are the annual rainfall totals cities and towns in our area so far in 2018. Oh, and we will likely be adding onto these with a storm system a couple of days prior to Christmas and a storm system in the days following Christmas. With the pattern in place both would most likely be liquid rainfall producers.

2018 Annual Rainfall Ending 5:00am Monday 12/17/2018....


Lake James: 65.19 in 47.18 in 65.97 in

Lake Hickory: 49.49 in 43.06 in 60.55 in

Forest City: 67.90 in 49.15 in 67.90 in (Record)

Hickory Airport: 58.68 in 44.68 in 63.54 in

Lake Lure: 89.42 in 52.49 in 89.42 in (Record)

Lenoir: 63.89 in 45.99 in 65.65 in

Lincolnton: 64.65 in 45.43 in 73.25 in

Marion: 95.31 in 50.32 in 95.31 in (Record)

Morganton: 70.36 in 46.57 in 70.36 in (Record

Shelby: 59.89 in 46.17 in 69.79

So there are the totals. Which one is the highest and would you have voted for?

Chris White

Chief Meteorologist


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