Your Week Ahead: Rainy start, drier finish?

Good evening, Foothills Weather Nation! As always, we hope you are having a happy Sunday. It's been a fairly busy week weather wise with all of the late summer thunderstorms, and as we are looking at the start of our week it seems we will have this wetter pattern last for at least a few days more. Let's take a look out our week ahead!

Near Term Forecast (tonight-Monday)

We are still experiencing a bit of rain and thunderstorms throughout our forecasting area, but we do expect things to begin to taper off around 10 pm tonight with only chances of rain on through until sunrise tomorrow morning. With the partly to mostly cloudy skies tonight we are expecting the overnight lows to get down to the mid to upper 60's. You can expect a dry morning commute, but this will not be what we can expect for the full length of the day. Starting at around 10 am Monday the chance of showers will increase and we do expect to see some showers in the area during the lunch hour. As we get closer to the diurnal high peaking out in the mid 80's, we can expect to see our showers develop further with more energy and become thunderstorms. Come time for the afternoon commute and early dinner hours is where we expect that thunderstorms are the most likely, so make sure you are prepared for a wet drive home.

Short Term Forecast (Tuesday-Thursday)

Tuesday and Wednesday will look much like Monday pardon the daily highs being closer to the 90 degree mark and the overnight lows resting closer to 70 degrees. Otherwise they will start off dry, isolated showers will show up around lunch time, and the showers will build into scattered thunderstorms by late afternoon, early evening. Thursday is where we see the opportunity to skip out on our classic summertime afternoon thunderstorms as we see a fairly significant drop in precipitable water and general humidity. The chance for a stray shower cannot be ruled out, but for the most part we expect Thursday to be the start to our dry spell. You can expect mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the low 90's across the forecasting area.

Long Term Forecast (Friday-Sunday)

Opposite of this weekend, next weekend looks to be fairly pleasant and dry if mild summer heat isn't much of a bother to you. Daily highs will be around 90 for Friday and will hover around the mid to upper 80's for Saturday and Sunday. We do see the slight chance (30%) of precipitation for Saturday afternoon as the recent GFS and Euro runs show a little pop in moisture, but this is not expected to have the impact that we have felt with the storms we have experienced as of late. Pardon Saturday afternoon we can expect mostly sunny conditions and light, variable winds from the northwest.

Thank you very much for reading! We hope you have a fantastic week.


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