Weather Roller Coaster

Mid December! A time where we expect to see the weather change from day to day. We are entering a period where that is going to be the case over the last half of the month. 

For the last week or so, we have been in a trough, where we've had several clippers bring in shots of cold air. Last week, we experienced our first winter storm of the season, that was followed by cold air. 

It looks like the trough is going to break down, and we will get into a zonal flow, which will allow for some moderating temperatures, and a few chances at rain. Sunday a system will move through the south giving us some rain starting Sunday afternoon and lasting through Monday. We then clear out and see some tranquil weather before things change late next week. 


The two week outlook gives us some milder temperatures. 


With the milder temperatures, we are expected to see some liquid precipitation to go along with those warmer temperatures. 





So for those who are wanting to see some wintry weather, you might have to wait til the last week of the month, where it looks like the cold air is building to the North and is just waiting to move back to the east coast, then all types of fun and games can happen! 


We will let the models settle out a few things, before we comment it on them! 


Have a great day!