Winter Weather Threat looms on Friday

Well we are in the first week of meteorological winter, and we are facing the potential for winter weather. 

Before we address the winter weather potential lets get through today. Cloudy skies should remain cloudy as a stalled cold front is just off to our east. We will remain cloudy for most of the day, and we could see a round of showers and sprinkles throughout the early afternoon hours. As a few areas of low pressure move along the stalled front. Temperatures will be pretty chilly as most of us will stay in the mid to upper 40's. 

As we move into Thursday evening the light rain will move out of the area. We will remain cool as lows will be in the 30's. That leads us to Friday. 

As we kick off Friday that front remains stalled along the Eastern portions of South and North Carolina. A third and final ripple of energy will move along the stalled front and give us a chance to see some wintry precipitation. 

It is going to be a battle between how much moisture we have, and how cold the air will be. Models are all over the place, so I will save those images for a later time. The European, and GFS model does show snow for the Foothills and Western Piedmont. 

So my current thinking, which will likely change today as we continue to monitor the data. I think on Friday mid morning we start to see snow and some rain mix together. By midday and through early evening we will see some snow fall occasionally mixing with some rain. As we round into late evening, the snow and rain should start to move out of the area. Temperatures are going to stay above freezing 33-36 F. So the snow will fall but won't stick at the start. It will have to take some heavier burst to see accumulations on elevated surfaces and grassy surfaces.  Accumulations will be very minor, maybe up to 1" in some locations.  Now as we go into the overnight hours we will have to watch for some refreeze issues with any water left on the roads. 

This weekend, the big story will be the cold arctic air moving in. Temps this weekend may not make it out of the 30's. Lows will be in the 20's. 

Next week cold temperatures will continue, mid week we watch another surge of cold arctic air, and even more towards next weekend. We need to watch this pattern, as we could see a few storms pop up. 


Bottom Line for Friday.. 

Test Graphic.png
Snow Check List.png

Scotty Powell 


Twitter: @ScottyPowell_WX