Sunny skies ahead this week!

For those who feel gloomy from the chilly temperatures and cloudy days you're in luck after today! Mostly sunny skies and more seasonable temperatures are in the forecast nearly every day this week. 

Today we have temperatures starting around the freezing mark that will climb up to the upper 40's. Mostly cloudy skies and precipitation opportunities of around 30% bringing the risk of some freezing rain in the cooler hours, but no snow as a trough slides into the area. Overnight conditions won't get as chilly going into Monday as nighttime cloud coverage will hinder the progression of the nightly low. Expect your work week to start off in the upper 30's on Monday morning and in the upper 50's, possibly 60 degrees for Monday day as we have the sunshine coming in full blast! Tuesday and Wednesday conditions will be a rinse, wash repeat of Monday with plenty of sunshine and similar temperatures as a high pressure will dominate the region at that time. On Wednesday night going into Thursday a dry warm front associated with an upper level trough centered near the US and Canadian border will progress through the area bumping the temperatures over the 60 degree mark for the daily high, the 40's for the nightly lows, and still plenty of sun. Friday will be a repeat of Thursday temperature condition wise, but on Friday evening we see increasing cloud coverage as a cold front associated with the aforementioned upper level trough bursts right over the Appalachians in the overnight hours. Current model runs have the jet maximum over the area which brings wind risks to mind as well as precipitation opportunities although the confidence on the latter subject is moderately low at this time. Saturday and Sunday will be reminiscent of what we were feeling in the earlier part of the week with temps in the 50's and 30's with Sunday being mostly sunny again, but Saturday has the opportunity for early diurnal cloud coverage.  

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week.