One cold front down, another to go! Sun. Nov. 19th, 2017

Good afternoon!

Last night was the blustery entrance of the first of two cold fronts we will see this week. Hopefully you all have made it out unscathed as gusty conditions have compromised quite a few trees.  

As of right now we have already seen our high for the day just barely peaking into the low 50's across the region, but we are starting to go on the downswing. Clear conditions tonight will bring temperatures into the upper 20's just before sunrise, ushering a chilling start to our work week.

Speaking of chilling, temperatures for the entirety of the week shouldn't climb out of the 50's pardon possibly Wednesday and Saturday where the highs are projected to be in the upper 50's. Overnight lows stay within the 30's until Saturday night into Sunday where they have a chance of peaking into the low 40's. 

Cloud coverage is variable with our second cold frontal passage (last night being the first) pushing in during the overnight hours of Wednesday into Thursday. We will see a gradual increase in cloud coverage Tuesday into Wednesday which will dampen temperature fluctuations and also allowing Wednesday as a mostly sunny day to warm up a smidgen more. 

Thanksgiving day we will feel a bit of the effects of the cold front as the daily high will be right in the low 50's despite the sunny skies- fitting and rather perfect for a cozy day in with the family. (Just remember to never drop a frozen turkey in the fryer. That heats things up more than anyone cares for.) 

Mostly sunny/clear conditions will ensue all the way through the remainder of the week as a warm front will sneak into the area starting on Saturday and possibly through Sunday, but temperatures overall should keep reasonably mild. 

Thanks for reading and have a blessed Sunday.