Saturday Weather Discussion: Pattern ripe for multiple cold air damming episodes with mild in-between

Good Saturday to everyone across the Foothills and Western Piedmont. It’s the first weekend in the month of November and you wouldn’t know it by the weather around here.


Yesterday temperatures spiked up into the low 80’s (upper 70’s along Blue Ridge) and we had evening and overnight showers and thunderstorms that impacted some outdoor events across the region. Today is going to be a total 180 degree flip in the weather as a cold air damming event is underway.


Temperatures for Saturday likely occurred just after midnight. Northeast winds are kicking in and will sustain themselves through the day and will bring colder air into the Western Carolinas. Expect temperatures to slowly fall through the day with 50’s likely along and north of Interstate 40, a few low 60’s may survive in southern parts of the viewing area, at least through the early afternoon. Those locations would include towns/communities like Cliffside, Earl and Grover. With cold air damming in place a few bouts of light drizzle or mist is possible as well.



The cold air damming will continue through tonight and the early hours of Sunday before mild weather tries to return on veering winds to the south and south east. Sunday’s readings may get back up into the 70’s.


This all leads into a mild start to the upcoming work week as we have a definite battle ground between ridging aloft in the Southern tier of the US and colder air bottled up in Canada. There is little in the way of amplification in the flow right now which is a bit unusual for this time of the year, our part of the world will be dominated in fast WSW flow through the first half of next week.


One thing that will be worth monitoring is deep and strong surface high pressure’s dropping down from Canada on the southern edge of the colder heights located in Canada and far northern tier of the Continental US. We could potentially see more cold air damming events later in the week from those late next week.



All in all a true battleground is setting up across the heart of the country between the cold of winter and the resistance from warmer weather.