Sunday Weather Discussion: Wintertime Classics

What a nice December treat to be blessed with so much snow this early into winter! Thank you all for sending us your pictures and videos. 

We have also received quite a few questions about an additional snow event this week. While a front will be passing through late Tuesday night we will unfortunately have to say that the only ones getting snow will be the high country on the orographic lifting side (more western side) of the Apps and we will have a dry passage. 

The synopsis is that dry, sunny, and cold is the nearly exclusive theme of the weather this week as we cycle through upper level zonal flow and two dry frontal passages. 

Near term of today and tonight is mostly clear conditions with some upper level clouds occasionally passing by, a west south westerly wind of around 5-7 mph, and temperatures that will most likely stay in the upper 30's today although the forecast is for the low 40's. Whatever snow is on the ground will reflect the sun's warmth and keep temperatures cooler. Overnight temperatures will be back into the mid 20's.

Short term of tomorrow through Wednesday has mostly sunny conditions, a dry frontal passage Tuesday night, winds shifting directions but peaking out around 15 mph around and following the time of the frontal passage. Daily highs will be in the mid 40's Monday and Tuesday with overnight lows in the 20's. Upper 30's for Wednesday, and over night lows in the upper teens as we feel the effect of the passage. 

Long term of Thursday through Saturday have a rinse-wash-repeat pattern of mostly sunny conditions, a dry frontal passage on Saturday, temperatures in the 40's for the high, 20's for the low, and moderate winds in the teens again. The interesting part about the Saturday front is that we will be on the right entrance of the passing trough, but there is no indication of any moisture thus far that will provide precipitation. 

Thanks for reading!