Christmas Day Weather Briefing: Cold weather has returned to the region...

Good Monday morning and Merry Christmas to everyone. We hope that you are enjoying the holiday with family and friends.


As the kids are opening those gifts Santa left and checking the stockings for any goodies we will take a minute to talk a little weather.


An arctic front has surged through the region overnight and is delivering a fresh batch of cold air for today and beyond. There have even been a few snow flurries across parts of the Foothills overnight in those favored spots right along the Blue Ridge.


Today is going to be quite chilly, we’ll have a solid amount of sunshine, but clouds will also filter through and it will be a bit breezy at times. High’s today are going to struggle to get into the low 40’s. So make sure and bundle up the kids as they go out later today.


Once the sun drops past the western horizon temps will quickly drop off this evening. Skies should be mostly clear with low’s getting down into the 20’s and lower 30’s by first thing Tuesday morning.



This is the first of a sustained cold air bout across the Western Carolinas. We are going to end 2017 on a cold note. As you can see for both Hickory and Shelby, the ensemble data portrays a very wintry feel even going into the first week of 2018. The coldest of the air may not actually impact the region until the end of the current forecast period. We have had a couple decent cold outbreaks so far but this one looks to be the strongest yet. If guidance has any accuracy there after the New Year it would be some of the coldest weather in a couple winter seasons.



That’s it for now, we hope that you have a great day and enjoy your time with family and friends. Later on we will have an update on the potential for some winter weather late this week.


Daniel Crawley

Foothills Weather Network