Cold for sure! But could there be snow?

I’m very late on writing today’s discussion so I’m going to cut right to the chase. 

A powerful cold front will approach the region on Tuesday. Clouds will be on the increase as we work through the Tuesday Morning Hours. It looks like the rain will start between 5pm And 7pm Tuesday Night which is very unfortunate for the Morganton Christmas Parade. We need the rain but I am sad has to come at the expense of costing others fun. Rain could be heavy at time between 7 and 9pm Tuesday Night. Temps will be in the upper 50’s to around 60 at parade time. This cold front will blast through he area and temps tumble into Wednesday Morning. By sunrise Wednesday temps should be in the low to mid 30’s with breezy conditions. 


Its doesn’t improve from there. Breezy conditions under mostly clear skies for Wednesday, that is outside the mountains. The NW flow snow machine will kick on and the snow will start to fly in the mountains on Wednesday. Temps remain in the low 30’s there while the rest of us should hit the low 40’s.   That advertised high of 50° in the 7 day will likely come around 12:01am Wednesday. 


Wednesday Night temps fall back into the 20’s (Foothills) and 10’s (mountains). There will likely be a huge frost come Thursday Morning as winds go calm. That cold front though, yep, it stalls along or just off the SE coast. A wave of low pressure will develop and throw clouds back out way late Thursday. Highs should manage atleast 40°.  From they ethe forecast swings a little, hindging on the evolution of that low pressure and where that front stalls.  


Friday there are hints a little moisture tries to run up and over the NW quadrant of the low. Temps through the column of air are going to be super cold until you get to a couple thousand feet off the surface. Don’t get me wrong it will be cold here, just not as cold as the column  of air aloft. So if precipitation does get thrown back up against the mountainsnit is either going to fall as rain or snow. There won’t be any sleet with this storm. The further East you are the better chance you would have at seeing any precipitation but it’s going to be a close call as to whether it’s rain or snow. We have advertised a mix of rain and snow for Friday Morninggoing to all rain later. Please keep in mind that the evolution of the low and that front are key to it being cloudy and cold or it precipitating and cold.  Either way not the greatest day Friday with temps mainly staying in the 30’s to around 40°.  Even if it snows any accumulation would be very limited and light. 


Behinf that low a reinforcing shot of cold air will plunge into the region. This will be the coldest air of the young Meteorological Winter Season so far. We have talked about the Synoptics if the set up in previous weather discussions but ther will be plenty of cold air around for the next two weeks.  We will keep our eyes out for anymore mistief our mascot Ernie The Platypus tried to drum up. You all have a great night. 


Chris White

Chief Meteorologist