11:00am Winter Weather Update (Sponsored by Me, You, And Some Glue Of Morganton)

Good late morning to you.  Currently the forecast is on track as rain continue to mix in at the lower elevations.  Snow levels are down to 1400 ft and most of McDowell County and NW Rutherford County are seeing accumulations already.  This is a little earlier than anticipated there.  Outside of those areas below 1400 ft snow and rain continues to mix together as forecast. Snow levels will continue to slowly fall though the afternoon and evening.

Elevations by City:

Marion: 1,404 ft

Morganton: 1,161 ft

Lenoir: 1, 171 ft

Hickory: 910 ft

Taylorsville: 1, 237ft

Lincolnton: 856 ft

Shelby: 869 ft

Rutherfordton: 965 ft

By this evening snow levels should be down to Shelby and Rutherfordton.  Snow should become light around or just after sunset.  A second wave of snow is then likely for the remainder of the night and through the morning Saturday.  All of this should lift NE of the area by Noon - 2pm Saturday and could end as some liquid rain as temps warm a little tomorrow afternoon. 

Radar trends continue to indicate moisture surging North and West into the area.  We still have another 24 hours of snow to go before it ends.  There could be some heavy snow this afternoon that could lower snow levels pretty quickly.  Radar indicates very heavy snow moving NE toward the area from Anniston Alabama.  This will likely drop snowfall levels all the way down to Charlotte if it holds together, and there is no reason to think it would weaken.  Low pressure will begin to develop this afternoon as well along the SC Coast.  This will strengthen the baroclinic lift across Western NC.  This system will become more dynamically diverse as the day wears on.  There is the potential that snowfall rates this afternoon could be quite high in localized areas.  This continues to be a nowcasting event and the snow has really picked up here in Morganton as I have been typing this.  No changes to this forecast package.



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