Tropical Trouble? What's Hype And What We Know

It's that time of year when we are heading down the road to the peak of hurricane season. September 10th is the official peak of hurricane season.

Tropical Depression 8 finally got it's act together Sunday Afternoon, developing into a minimal tropical storm, and earning the name of Gert.  Gert will move off to the North, splitting the distance between Hatteras and Bermuda, and not affecting either of them. It should remain a tropical storm or weak hurricane as it turns back out into the open Atlantic. 

Something else has our attention though. Friday Night a wave moved off the African Coast. It hasn't been impressive thunderstorm wise but it has a very strong circulation already. See the attached graphic posted and you can see the disorganized thunderstorm activity. This system does have some hurtles to overcome before you can even start to believe any of the fantasy model runs that you likely start seeing pop up on social media over the next few days.  Those hurtles include sheer and brief drier air. Models do indicate that it will overcome those obstacles. In fact it looks like two troughs will merge together and then it could be game on for this system. That's all we know right now though. Anything else you hear is hype at this point on. The models move from run to run  on where this system is going to go and how strong it is going to be. Anyone that shares anything else at this point is doing so to try to hype this event way before they have any facts. For all the latest in the tropics monitor or monitor your favorite media outlet for the latest. Just make sure that media outlet is a reputable source.

Chief Meteorologist Chris White