Wednesday Weather Discussion: Moisture and rain chances moving in

Good Wednesday to everyone…after being in a stagnant weather pattern the past several days, changes will begin starting today and it will last through the end of the week.

First off, Tropical Storm Harvey is finally starting to move away from several of the locations that it has impacted since last Friday. Harvey will make a second landfall today along the Western Gulf Coast and will begin to move Northeast through Louisiana. The mid and upper level clouds from Harvey have been spreading across the Southeast, today we will begin to see more of the low level influence from Harvey’s remnant circulation.

 Increasing moisture content will begin to spread north and east away from the center toward the Western Carolinas. Now with more of a tropical influence at the surface temperatures will warm up a bit today compared to the past few…a few low 80’s are possible in eastern sections. We feel that a few rain showers will move in from the south and west later in the afternoon…our Foothill counties of Burke, McDowell and Rutherford will see it first with showers overspreading the rest of the coverage area by tonight.

This first round of showers will kick off multiple waves of precipitation here for the second half of the work week. On Thursday, Harvey will be moving northeast through the Mid South, that means continued southwest flow across most of the Southeast…also meaning scattered storm chances. The same goes for Friday as the core of Harvey moves through Tennessee and into Kentucky. Late Thursday night through most of Friday looks to be the best opportunity for potentially heavy rain.



A composite of all available guidance shows that Western North Carolina could receive 1-3 inches of rainfall between now and Saturday. This is actually needed rainfall for most as we have seen a reduction in rainfall over the past couple weeks. We will keep an eye on things to see if heavy rain becomes a threat but right now we see a low risk of flash flooding.

By Saturday we may begin to see a punch of drier air come in from the west and that could result in improving weather for the second half of the Labor Day Weekend.

Have a great Wednesday...


Daniel Crawley

Foothills Weather Network