Rain on the way!

Happy Thursday everyone! 

Tropical Storm Harvey continues to move through the Mid south as it approaches Memphis, TN early Thursday.  As Harvey passes through, it will bring our area the chance at seeing rain over the next  48 - 60 hours. 

We had some light rain develop overnight Wednesday, producing a few tenths of an inch. High pressure will continue to funnel NE winds into the area, so Thursday and Friday will be cool and overcast as we are wedged in. Harvey will pass through Central Tennessee, providing the chance at some severe weather in Central Tennessee. As Harvey moves into the Ohio Valley a several bands of rain will move through the area giving us on and off rain through Friday. Some of the rain could be heavy at times. 

On Friday we should see the heaviest of rainfall move through the area. The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted our area for a small threat of severe weather. We have a lot of wind shear present. (Wind shear is the changing of wind direction & speed as you travel through the atmosphere). But one ingredient we are missing is the instability. We will continue to be wedged in on Friday. If we can break the wedge or have some periods of sunshine on Friday we could see that threat increase, but for now I think we will stay wedged in with cool rainy weather. 




Here is a look at how much rain we can expect through early Saturday morning. Most places could see 1-2" of rain. A few locations that see heavier downpours or a little more instability could pick 3" of rain. We have been dry recently, so I think our flood threat is fairly low right now, unless we get under a heavy, long lasting tropical downpour.  


Saturday, we should start to dry out. We are able to salvage the latter part of Labor Day weekend as Sunday and Monday we will see partly cloudy skies and highs in the mid 80's. 


Have a great day! 

Scotty Powell

Twitter: ScottyPowell_WX