Change is Coming

Good Thursday everyone! I hope that you have had a wonderful week so far. Today weather wise is looking fairly decent. We will have times of sun and clouds. The remnants of Irma will move into the Ohio Valley and that may spark a few showers over the area this afternoon and evening. Temps will be on the upward trend as we should top out in the mid to upper 70's. 


Change is coming in our middle to long term outlook. High pressure will set up shop over the the Southeast providing for sunny and warm days. In fact some days maybe hot! High pressure starts to set up in the area on Friday which will give us mostly sunny skies and temps. Northerly flow will limit any shower or storm chances to below 10%.  Saturday and Sunday we remain under the influence of high pressure, that will lead to a mostly sunny sky and temps in the mid 80's. So areas could reach the upper 80's. 

As we look towards next week the high pressure looks to maintain itself as we stay in the partly to mostly sunny arena with highs in the low to mid 80's. 



Hurricane Jose is a weak category 1 hurricane right now and looks to weaken to a Tropical Storm over the weekend. The latest data has Jose turning to the northwest and moving well of the North Carolina Coast and a good ways off the Bermuda coast. 



Looking back over the open Atlantic we are going to have to watch two tropical waves have just moved off the African coast and are moving into the Atlantic Main Development Region. The National Hurricane Center has both given both areas a good chance of developing. Something to watch over the next week or so.