Saturday Weather briefing: Cold air has returned and will persist...

Boy…that mild weather didn’t last very long, did it?


That is probably what you are saying here on this Saturday morning across the Western Carolinas. We broke a nearly two-week long span of abnormally cold weather on Tuesday only for it to truly last about two days. And now a strong storm system has passed on and has brought winter chill back to the region.


Gusty northwest winds is going to drive cold arctic air through the region today, hold on to your hats if you’re wearing one. Even with a good amount of sunshine, temperatures are going to struggle today as some may not make it out of the 30’s.


Tonight with calming winds and high pressure it will be on the chilly side, temperatures will crash shortly after sunset and bottom out in the upper teens to low 20’s first thing Sunday morning.

 NAM 3 km temperatures (Sunday 8 am)

NAM 3 km temperatures (Sunday 8 am)


Sunday will feature more of the same, thankfully the wind will have calmed down but its going to be chilly, once again in the 30’s.


Martin Luther King Day will feature slightly warmer weather as the region will be under west-southwest flow aloft but another strong short waves in the northern jet stream will drop nearly due south from Plains of Canada into the United States. That short wave will help deliver an even colder air mass for the mid week. It could also lead to some interest weather possibilities.

 GFS 500 mb vort (Monday 7 am)

GFS 500 mb vort (Monday 7 am)


Monday’s high’s will be in the low/mid 40’s but Tuesday will be trimmed back down again into the 30’s based on the exact timing of the next short wave and invasion of arctic air.


That cold will last through the mid week before moderation begins toward the end of the work week…


As far as winter weather chances, there is still a lot of uncertainty at this time. We’ll dive more into that in later updates…


Have a great Saturday!



Daniel Crawley

Foothills Weather Network