T-T-T-Tuesday's w-w-w-weather brr-brriefing 01/02/2018

Good afternoon, Foothills!

We hope everyone has managed to stay warm whether you're bundled up or staying inside with a hot cocoa (guilty). This will be a strongly temperature oriented forecast as the weather for the rest of this week is rather boring and the buzz on everyone's feed is about the cold! Let's get to it.

Zonal upper atmospheric flow means it's a non-event day today with calm winds, mostly sunny skies, and continuing on with the freezing temperatures. For those who wished for a cold winter this past summer, you're getting your wish! High temperatures today will be a numbing low 30's with the overnight temperatures dropping down to the mid teens again.

Starting tomorrow we will be on the entrance side of a trough that will basically mean we will get a small boost in temperature by only a couple of degrees, but thankfully it's above freezing. Calm winds for the earlier portion of the day with winds becoming northwest at 6-8 mph after sundown. High in the mid 30's and overnight low in the upper teens. Enjoy the "warmth" while you can. 

A mild cold front will wash into the area on Thursday following the passage of the trough axis which brings us below freezing yet again until Sunday. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be rinse, wash, repeat days of mostly clear conditions day and night, high temperatures sitting near 30 degrees, lows maybe keeping in the single digits for the start of Friday and Saturday and in the low teens for the start of Sunday. Temperatures finally show promise of dragging themselves above freezing Sunday as the high for the day is in the upper 30's. (HURRAY!) Mostly sunny skies will ensue for the daylight portion of the day, but as the night continues on clouds will roll into the area ahead of a new trough that brings moisture, hence the clouds, along with it. Sunday into Monday low will be much warmer than what it's been with temperatures in the upper 20's thanks to the insulating clouds. Monday day will be mostly cloudy with a 30% chance of precipitation- namely rain as the temperatures for the day will be above freezing for the majority of the calendar day. Expect a high in the mid 40's. The National Weather Service hints at rain and snow for Monday, but if snow does fall we don't expect much if any accumulation at this time. 

Tuesday looks to also bring along precipitation, will max out the daily high early on in the day in the upper 40's, potentially lower 50 degrees according to the latest GFS run, and by Tuesday evening a strong cold frontal passage will rock the area yet again plummeting the nightly low back down to the low 30's and continuing to drop more as Wednesday progresses. What results from Tuesday's cold frontal passage is too soon to call. More information as we close in.

Thanks for reading! Stay warm!