Saturday Weather Briefing: Continued cold but signs of warmer weather in the forecast

Good Saturday to everyone across the Western Carolinas…a very cold weather pattern continues for now but we have change in the works in this forecast period.



First off, the Eastern 2/3rds of the country is still very cold, as you can see on the map. As you head out the door this morning low temperatures are in the single digits to lower teens with little in the way of clouds, so please bundle up and dress in layers including scarves and winter gloves.



For today we will have mostly sunny conditions with afternoon high’s getting up into the lower 30’s. A good part of the coverage area will see values at least briefly get above freezing. A few spots are pushing 72+ hours with temperatures below the freezing mark. That is coming off another multi-day span of similar numbers. Needless to say this cold outbreak has been doing havoc on residential plumbing, municipal water lines and other utilities.


As we mentioned the time above freezing will be brief as tonight clear skies and calm winds should yield another frigid but maybe a hair warmer than this morning.


High pressure will be overhead early on Sunday but as we go through the day, east and eventually southeast winds will allow some clouds to build up and move in ahead of the next storm system. Sunday high temperatures will be some of the warmest all week as we’ll see mid and a few upper 30’s thanks to the veering winds.


By Sunday night a disturbance will begin to push moisture from the Mid South toward the Southeast US. Then by daybreak Monday, moisture will begin to sneak into the Southern Appalachians. Here east of the mountains, cold arctic air will continue to be in  place but there is nothing to sustain it.


The stage is set for some in-situ wedging across the region early Monday morning and any precip that falls would be in the form of freezing rain/drizzle. Models have trended southward with the upper dynamics associated with this storm meaning less amounts of precip during he morning hours. However given the cold ground conditions, the risk’s involved with icing, even in small amounts would be significant. But with that said, the threat of this being a significant icing episode has fallen off significantly. Just something to keep in the back of your mind going into the Monday morning commute, we’ll definitely have additional updates starting later today.

Monday’s high’s could be very tricky especially if precip could work to cool the air but again we should get above the freezing mark by lunch time.


This weak system is the start of a pattern change to milder weather, or at least closer to climatological averages for the second week of January. Clouds may be a bit stubborn to burn off once they move in Monday, a product of warm air overriding a chilly surface layer.


By the mid to late part of the work week, another disturbance will slide through the southern tier and could bring some rainfall to the region, something that is much needed given recent dry pattern.


Have a great day!


Daniel Crawley

Foothills Weather Network