Sunday Weather Briefing: Monday and Beyond!

Sunday Morning Weather Briefing Brought To You By CBS Sports Of Morganton.

Good afternoon, Foothills Weather Nation! Chief Meteorologist Chris White wrote a wonderfully thorough weather briefing earlier this morning so I will touch lightly on that, but this briefing will focus on what to expect for the rest of the week. Click on this link to get the inside scoop about tomorrow:

Onward to the briefing!

Today will be the last full calendar day of subfreezing temperatures with mostly sunny skies that will gradually increase in cloud coverage, light southerly winds of around 5 mph, and a daily high in the low 30's. Tonight we can expect the low to drop into the upper teens one last time for the week. 

Monday we are starting off with mostly cloudy conditions and by the early afternoon you can expect a couple of things: temperatures in the low to mid 30's, and the chance of precipitation that may start off as snow, sleet, or freezing rain, and then switch into freezing rain or rain, but whatever the circumstance our ground temperatures are frigid. Any form of precipitation that falls will cause for very hazardous driving conditions no matter the amount that falls- unless no precipitation occurs of course. We don't expect the precipitation to start any sooner than noon tomorrow and depending on what falls might help push the overnight low back below the cusp of freezing again, but right now the region looks like it's right on the line. 

Tuesday will be mostly sunny with light winds and a high in the low 50's, which we do assume to validate at this time despite the colder ground temperatures. Once again we will have the cloud coverage increase after the sun sets which won't insulate the heat as it normally would since we don't expect the ground to warm up beyond a thaw. Overnight temperatures will sneak down into the mid 30's. 

Starting Wednesday we will be back into precipitation chances again for a few days, but for a series of events. Wednesday in particular we will be experiencing the upwelling of moisture and lift from a cut off upper level low that will scoot across the Gulf states. At this time the National Weather Service suggests that it might start off as wintry precipitation, but we aren't comfortable with siding on that just yet as air temperatures will remain above freezing. Maximum precipitation chance is 40% by Wednesday evening. 

Thursday our upper level low will have scuttled away ahead of a very robust, cold, full latitude trough marches across the Plains, but this will conveyor belt of wind will push plenty of the Gulf's moisture and energy ahead of it providing an even higher precipitation probability (60%) with no discrepancy on precipitation type (rain only.) Daily high in the mid 50's, overnight low into Friday only into the mid 40's. 

Friday starts of fairly warm so while our aforementioned trough begins to knock on the doors of the Appalachians, our daily high will squeak up into the mid to upper 50's one last time before we are fully passed by the cold front. Precipitation probabilities (60%) ensue again with only rain being our threat. Due to the strengthening of the trough and the placement of the jet stream winds on Friday night might pick up, but we are uncertain of their impact at this time. Overnight conditions will maintain with rain and a low around 40 degrees. 

Saturday we will finally see precipitation dwindle off as the day will max out with 40% chance, but will taper off by the evening along with the cloud coverage. At this point we will be within the inner portion of the trough so our temperatures will be fairly low again with a high in the upper 40's, and a nightly low in the upper 20's. 

Sunday we will be temporarily back to clearer skies and a high in near 40 degrees. 

So we do see a warm up this week with the caveat of plenty of cloud coverage and rain. This temperature shift of cold and "hot" to cold again is likely to make people feel rather cruddy this week, so keep hydrated, keep rested, and consider some extra vitamins. 

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