Wednesday Weather Briefing: Stagnant weather pattern continues, bouts of moisture and plenty of clouds

Good Wednesday morning to everyone…


A stagnant weather pattern continues for the Western Carolinas and all of the Southeast US. There is abundant moisture in the atmosphere that is helping to keep cloud cover very persistent. That plus a left over cold air damming regime is leading a cold and clammy feel for your Wednesday.





Looking at the atmosphere aloft the Carolinas is located in between a sprawling ridge centered over the Gulf of Mexico and an upper level low pressure across Canada, that is resulting in west-southwest winds being funneled through a good part of the nation. As you can see on the water vapor image, Pacific origin moisture continues to spread northeast and is caught in the prevailing wind flow aloft. While that would normally mean mid conditions, it’s the surface features that are doing the dirty work today.





A leftover surface high that once reached 1046 mb across Pennsylvania drained cold, dry surface air down the eastern slopes of the Appalachians. With that air mass stuck in place and warmer, moist air overrunning the result here at the surface is chilly conditions with plenty of clouds and occasional showers, mist or drizzle.


 10 am Regional Temperatues (2/14/18)

10 am Regional Temperatues (2/14/18)


This left over cold pool is going to make the forecast complicated for later today…there was some expectation that warm air may begin to take over in the afternoon and allow daytime temps to get well up into the 50’s. While that is still attainable, with each passing hour the odds of that are lowering. It’s something we’ll have to watch but don’t be surprised if we end up falling below the forecast high.


The features aloft are not going to change a whole lot the next couple days as we remain in that conveyor belt. At the surface the cold pool should retreat on Thursday and that could lead to a rapid warmup well into the 60’s tomorrow especially if a good amount of sun appears. The same goes for Friday as another frontal boundary will be approaching later in the day. By Friday night that front will help bring our next chance at widespread rain showers, those will persist into the early part of the weekend as the surface features begin to parallel the winds at the jet stream level slowing things down once again…also come Saturday we may be dealing with another cold air damming episode as well.


All in all…a very unsettled and at time murky weather pattern through the end of the week…