Sunday Weather Discussion: A Brief Brief

Wow! What a beautiful Sunday it is outside with the bounty of sunshine and promise of spring-ish (upper 50's) temperatures today. :)  

Unfortunately this will be short lived. This weather discussion will be on the shorter side as the number of differing events is low and confidence on the forecast is reasonably high.

Tonight into the earlier part of Washington's Birthday we will see the clouds pour back into the area with a warm front that ushers in the "new" weather pattern.  The high pressure dominating the Southeastern US will make a slight eastern shift which will put us back on that belt of warm and moist air that we have seen on an off for almost a month now. This setup has locked it's teeth into the region and currently has no sure symptoms of moving for the next 6-7 days. Every day this week from Tuesday to Saturday we will have mostly cloudy conditions and a 30-40% chance of rain with no current suggestion of any severe weather. Tuesday through Thursday the temperatures will be in the low 70's for the diurnal high and upper 50's for the nightly low. Friday and Saturday a upper level shortwave trough will scoot over the Appalachians dropping our temperature range 5-8 degrees for the high and lows. This may remind you of this past week, so there's a possibility of catching a small break of sunshine if we are allowed to recognize some patterns, but there isn't a solid promise of this.

We will keep you informed if we see a change in our rinse, wash, repeat pattern.

Thanks for reading! Go outside!!!