Huge Warm Up This Week But Long Range Indicates Cold Returning.

Good Tuesday Morning to everyone across the Foothills Weather Network. I hope you have had a great night of rest and are ready to run with Tuesday. Starting off with widespread dense fog. You are really going to need to give yourself some extra travel time this morning as you head into work. Just a light jacket nessessary as temps are in the low and mid 50’s. It will take a while for all of this dense fog to burn off too. That’s going to be the one limiting factor to high temps today. High pressure builds over the Southeast Coast and temps are going to respond nicely with time. Even today, although we get a late start on heating due to all the fog, our temps should manage to reach the mid and maybe upper 60’s. After the fog does burn off we will see a few peaks of warm sunshine. Clouds by in large win out and will feature mostly cloudy conditions. 


The high pressure aforementioned will become quite strong late this week. It initially will aid in holding clouds across the area into Wednesday. Clockwise flow around this strong high pressure will push moisture up against the east slopes of the Blue Ridge. That means a lot of clouds but very warm temps. By Wednesday we will tack on another 10 degrees to our highs we see today, reaching the low to mid 70’s. The Ridge continues to build and temperatures could push 80° in a few areas by late week. 

 High pressure off the SE Coast Wednesday Afternoon

High pressure off the SE Coast Wednesday Afternoon

Warm weather lovers rejoice with the news they are seeing this week. It will really add on the Spring fever. As stated in the title though our long range pattern becomes more cold and blustery. Sudden Stratospheric Warning has started over the North Pole. Below is the graphic for Our GFS model. You can see the heights rising over the Arctic. As the SSW continues it looks like it will take the North Atlantic Oscillation into the tank. With the NAO becomes negatively tilted, it dumps cold air along the East Coast. There is likely to be a strong low develop along the East Coast somewhere the week of March 6th in response to this pattern change. 


Sudden Stratospheric Warning I’ve the North Pole as modeled next Wednesday Feb 28th


Now no there is no need to panic. The reason I bring this info to you today is because I don’t want to see anyone plant and then lose crops. As cold weather returns in March, it looks like a very interesting setup.  March looks stormy and very active. Stay tuned for that and remember don’t plant crops before Tax Day. They likely will freeze. We will have to see how this cold air impacts Apple and peach farmers. I hope not bad. 


Chris White

Chief Meteorologist