Sunday Weather Briefing: February 4, 2018

Good afternoon, Foothills Weather Nation!

It's quite the day outside as we've snuggled near the freezing mark paired with a wash of wintry mix bringing a bit of havoc with some downed trees thanks to the ice. Speaking of ice, there will be plenty of black ice tonight into tomorrow, so while our winter weather advisory may be over impacts will ensue. Chances of precipitation will begin to taper off and should be done by sundown today. Expect overnight temperatures tonight to drop only a few degrees lower into the upper 20's due to cloud coverage holding in radiational heat. 

With today being the climax of eventfulness for this week, we have a relatively mild week ahead with only one additional frontal passage. Monday will bring plenty of sunshine which will be good in helping melt any black ice left on the roads. Expect mild north-northwest winds of 5-7 miles per hour and a daily high in the low 40's and overnight low in the mid 20's. Tuesday will start off much like Monday with sunny skies and temperatures even warmer into the low 50's, and Tuesday night we will see cloud coverage increase over the forecasting area, stifling our overnight temperatures to only the low 40's as katafront conditions are expected to start around 5 am ahead of our impending weak warm front. Wednesday will be a rainy day with temperatures again in the mid 50's, slight winds of 10-15 mph from the southeast. Precipitation should be over by 8 pm on Wednesday night where we will see a decrease in cloud coverage and temperatures sliding back into the mid 30's. Thursday and Friday will be similar sunny days with daily temperatures in the low 50's. Friday night into Saturday is where things begin to get interesting again. There's quite a bit of model disagreements with the surface impacts, but the gist right now is that a surface high pressure will build off the coast causing for an In-Situ Cold Air Damming event. These are typically the weakest and shortest lived of the CAD events, so depending on the timing and intensity of our high pressure build up and the available moisture from the Gulf we may see a rainy event for the calendar day of Saturday, which I will give a 50-50 chance of rain for that day. We will have a clearer picture of what to expect as we get closer to that time.

Thanks for reading!