A look into the week ahead (3/11/18)

Good afternoon, Foothills Weather Nation! If you missed this morning's weather briefing about the updated winter weather potential, here's the link . 

Today's a bit of a dreary day with the ever present and gloomy overcast conditions, light rain, and chilly low 40's keeping up that temptation to hide away inside. Remember in February when we all thought "winter is over?" Tonight on through Monday we will see our temperatures drop in the low to mid 30's and our precipitation potential maintain at a solid 70-90% chance, but who gets what and when is the million dollar question. Here's this morning's updated winter weather graphic:

 Winter Wx Forecast Map 5 am 3-11-18

Winter Wx Forecast Map 5 am 3-11-18

Monday's diurnal high will hover close to 40 degrees, so after the sun fades away at our new sunset time of 7:30 pm we will see the temperatures fall down to the low 30's. Unfortunately for Rutherford, Cleveland, and Lincoln Counties that will be closer to 33 degrees and keep this event a strictly rain event. Catawba, Alexander, south-southeastern sections of Burke, McDowell, and Caldwell Counties will see the rain shift over to wintry mix and potentially over to snow, but accumulation amounts are forecasted to be a trace at best. As we begin to ascend into higher elevations we see northwestern Burke, McDowell, and Caldwell Counties possibly accumulating up to a whole inch by Monday night. If you're wondering, "wait, that's less than what everyone thought before. What happened?" Mr. Crawley's aforementioned morning winter weather update has wonderfully answered all of the questions you might have. Worth the read!

Chasing that Monday sunset is a wall of cold, drying air that will push right through the mountains, setting us up for the newest stage of the week's weather which has the diurnal high in the 40's, low in the 20's, and partly cloudy conditions until Thursday where we will see a ridge that has started to build in the Plains make it's way over the Apps, clearing out the remaining clouds allowing for that sunshine to crank up, and allowing diurnal temperatures to climb into the mid 50's. Thursday into Friday we will be in the clear of below freezing temperatures and our weekend will settle into the low 60's. Expect Saturday to be a rainy day as the tail of a warm frontal passage staggers into and lazes over the forecasting area. So far we don't see any threat of severe weather, but the available precipitable water is certainly plentiful for a solid rain event. Sunday has a bit of discrepancy where the timing of the exit of this front begins to differ, but expect mostly cloudy to overcast conditions at the bare minimum to ensue on both Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks for reading!