7:00am Update; All Roads Are Clear But Wet. Snow In Places Snow/Rain Mix In Others

Good Morning.  A challenging forecast for today.  Long story short is that one area may see an inch of snow while down the road 10 miles that area sees none.  Determining exactly where that is just is not possible until the band of snow develops.  All that said the roads should remain mostly wet.  Shaded areas and bridges may have a brief slushy build up on them.  Even then that will melt as soon as precipitation stops.  If kids can get to school this morning they should be good to stay the day.  Now again in areas it is going to absolutely pour the snow from time to time. 

As of 7:00am doppler radar indicates the initial band of heavy snow is from Southern McDowell, down into Rutherford County, Southern Burke County, and Northern Cleveland County.  All of that will move East into Cleveland, Rutherford, and Lincoln Counties.  Also it will likely clip the southern half of Catawba County.  Next update 8:00am. 

Snow will continue off and on with some heavier bursts through Noon-2:00. It will end frin West to east in that timeframe. This will be a heavy wet snow. The magical temp will be 34°. If temps drop to 34° with heavy snow falling, accumulations on grassy surfaces and trees will occur because of evaporative cooling. We are watching this close



Radar 6:42am