8:00am: Slush Covered Roads; Patchy Ice In Shady Areas. Travel With Care

Good Morning again.  We continue to monitor this rapidly changing weather situation.  A heavy band of snow continues from Northeast Rutherford County, Western Burke County, Northern Cleveland County, Lincoln County, and Catawba County.  Those are some big flakes falling.  We do have lots of reports of slush covered roadways.  Catawba County has cancelled school for the day. 

Upper level low is approaching the area and creating lots of lift across the area.  The heavier precipitation bands are all snow in most areas but when the precipitation lightens up it becomes mostly rain.  Accumulations are pouring in.  A few I have read off the top of my head are half inch on Mineral Springs Mountain, half inch in Vale, and trace (dusting) amounts in other locations.  By this afternoon the heaviest precipitation will move East out into the Piedmont leaving behind wet roads and likely some partial clearing skies.  Temps are close to that magical number of 34 or already at 34 degrees.  At 34 degrees it is pretty easy for snow to fall and through evaporative cooling flash freeze the elevated surfaces.  You will notice some slushy build up on roadways.  Do have a couple reports of ice on the roads in Northern Catawba County.  We continue to monitor and will update.   Here is a radar update as of 8:00am and I have overplayed the MPING Reports that are coming in. We really like those as it helps us see what’s going on at the surface better.