Futurecast Tuesday Afternoon->Evening->Overnight With Low Confidence Forecast.

Please note that we are forecasting precipitation type issues along and North Of I-40 as a Cold Air Damming event has already started digging across the area. Forecast confidence is low for our foothill counties due to such a transition boundary. That boundary is key.  So while this radar Futurecast shows rain (green/yellow/red) , snow (blue), and mix (pink) it is likey to vary as we go through the night. So right now our official forecast will be the following. Note too that snow in the high country will continue into Wednesday Night where any snow changes back to rain Wednesday across the I-40 corridor. 

Alexander: Greatest chance at seeing rain change over to snow after midnight. Accumulation on grassy surfaces up to an inch. Low temperature of 35°. 

Burke: NW Mountains to see rain change to heavy snow around midnight. Winter Weather Advisory.  Accumulations Of 1 - 4 inches possible depending on elevation. Low temps around 30°.  Greater Burke County mix of rain and snow around midnight, changing to snow by early morning. Minor accumulation of a trace to a half inch on grassy surfaces. Roads should remain just wet. Low temps 36°

Caldwell:  NW Mountains to see rain change to heavy snow around midnight. Winter Weather Advisory.  Accumulations Of 1-4 inches largely elevation dependent. Low around 30°.  Greater Caldwell mix of rain and snow to all snow but should be light during the predawn Wednesday. Accumulations up to one inch. Low temp near 35°.

Catawba: Rain/snow mix after midnight. Snow may briefly accumulate to half an inch on grassy surfaces. Roads should remain wet. Low temps near 36° 

Cleveland: Mostly rain event. No snow accumulations. Low around 40°.

Lincoln:  Mainly rain. Snow may mix in from time to time. No snow accumulation. Low temperature 39°.  

McDowell:  NW Mountains to see rain change to snow after midnight. Winter Weather Advisory. Snow accumulations Of 1-4 inches elevation dependent. Low around 30°. In Greater McDowell County rain mixes with snow around midnight. Rain will mix with snow occasionally through Wednesday Morning but any accumulations should be a trace. Low temps around 35°.

Rutherford: NW Rutherford will see rain mix with snow after midnight. Brief accumulations up to an inch with low temps around 31°. Greater Rutherford will see mostly rain. Little to no snow accumulations. Low around 38°. 


Time is in the top right of each graphic: 

Here is the model projected snowfall through 7:00am Wednesday. Note this is model projected and not an official forecast. We are in Asheville training today and will have graphics out later.  





Chris White

Chief Meteorologist