Saturday Futurecast (3-24-18)

Good Saturday morning, a warm front is currently dissecting the Southern Appalachian Region. We are currently north of the front which means warmer air is trying to overrun a colder airmass. So we are socked in with clouds and precip throughout a good part of the day.


The air aloft is cold enough to support snow at this time but the lowest 1000-2000 feet of the atmosphere remains above freezing. So currently those snowflakes are pretty much melting prior to reaching the surface east of the Blue Ridge. Once you reach the extreme northwest sections of our coverage area (NW Burke, Caldwell, McDowell) you begin to rise in elevation which brings you closer to the isothermal cold layer. So therefor any precip in those spots like Little Switzerland, Globe or Jonas Ridge is seeing more in the way or snow or rain/snow mix at this time.


Here is  a look at the Futurecast for the rest of today…reminder, a Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect for those right along the Blue Ridge Parkway until 8 am Sunday.






10 am: Rain showers continue with the most concentration being north of I-40. Snow or rain/snow mix will continue in the far northwest. Area temps will range from the upper 30’s (northwest) to lower 40’s (east)




1 pm: Precip may actually decrease in coverage for a brief time, however light drizzle and mist will continue with snow in the mountains. Temperatures remaining steady




4 pm: Rain showers will pick back up once again with steady temperatures. Northwest sections of Burke, Caldwell and McDowell may continue to see a mix of rain/snow.