Weather Ready Action Day? What’s That?

Well as we stare down the gauntlet of our first severe weather threat of Spring I wanted to take just a little bit of your time and help you know exactly how to prepare. Foothills Weather Network is a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador. That is why when we have high impact weather events we declare the day a “Weather Ready Action Day.”   Being a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador is more than just having that plaque on our website. It’s about teaching you how to prepare when high impact weather threatens our area.

When we declare a day a Weather Ready Action Day some may ask what exactly that means. We reserve these days for the highest impact weather events that threaten our forecast area. Our forecast area consists of Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba, Cleveland, Lincoln, McDowell, and Rutherford Counties. A high impact weather event is an event that brings a significant threat of damage to property and/or an event that could pose a threat to life. Ideally if you have a plan of action you can survive any weather event. 

So Sunday is our first Weather Ready Action Day because straight line damaging winds, tornadoes, and flash flooding are all possible. See the full briefing here. With this threat seemingly growing as we get closer to it we have pulled a few tiles from The Weather Ready Nation Website.  You can view this entire document here